SOLD OUT: Pearl Jamm - Farewell to the Borderline

Totally blown away that this very special gig has #SoldOut so quickly. OK, not as fast as last summer's gig when we sold it out in minutes (and earned us the record of the fastest-selling artist ever at the Borderline in the process) but nonetheless, 12 days from on-sale to sold out is AWESOME!

Thanks to everyone who has bought a ticket. We guarantee you a night you'll never forget. There's an after-party which will be held at the venue. It's included in your ticket price so no need to get another ticket or go elsewhere at the end of the gig. Stick around, have a drink, say hi to the band, enjoy a grunge playlist and good company. And book the next day off work!

For those who weren't quick enough to get a ticket, we're playing again in London just two weeks after the Borderline gig at The Half Moon Putney where we are doing not one, but two gigs: in the afternoon we'll be playing an Unplugged show including the full #MTVUnplugged setlist plus a load more newer songs. In the evening we'll do a full electric show. Both shows look like selling out so book tickets now here:👇

Afternoon Unplugged Show: Evening Electric Show:

See you in August (if not before!). 🤘🤘🤘

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